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Accredited Residential Manager®

Benefits of hiring an ARM®

How can I get the best manager?

Are the owners of the residential properties in your portfolio demanding more out of their real estate investment? Are the residents at your properties demanding better services than ever?  As a member of a homeowners' or condominium association, don't you want the best management available?  Then you should be demanding more from the managers you hire.

Demand the best and get the best.  Hire the specialist in managing residential real estate.  Hire an ACCREDITED RESIDENTIAL MANAGER® (ARM®).

Those holding the ARM® designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®) are highly trained, experienced and professional.  When you hire an ARM, you know you are getting a qualified manager you can trust to manage your residential properties.

HoAccredited Residential Managerw can an ARM® help me?

ARM® means experience.
Because the average ARM® has ten years of property management experience, the day-to-day tasks of running a residential property are handled quickly and expertly.  The majority of ARM® members manage more than 200 units, giving them the hands-on knowledge needed to attract and retain tenants.  Also, ARM® members bring supervisory experience to the job, supervising an average of 12 employees, and using their human resource skills to recruit, motivate and retain their staff.

ARM® means skills.
The training and experience that are required to earn the ARM® designation mean that these individuals can do whatever it takes to make  your residential property successful.  From merchandising your property to supervising rental and renewal operations to negotiating service contracts, ARM® members have the skills to improve your property's bottom line.

ARM® means knowledge.
Those who have completed the training required to earn the ARM® have demonstrated knowledge in the areas of marketing and leasing, financial operations, maintenance operations, legal and risk management, human resources and ethics.  But learning doesn't stop there.  All ARM® members are encouraged to participate in a continuing professional education program to keep up-to-date with current information and issues.  ARM® members also have access to the latest industry information through educational courses, publications and the IREM and REIC websites.

ARM® means contacts.
An ARM® has the opportunity to meet with and learn from other residential managers.  Local, regional and national meetings give ARM® members the opportunity to network with other real estate management professionals and find solutions to problems, share information, and stay up-to-date on industry issues.

ARM® means integrity.
The IREM Code of Ethics for the ARM® (PDF, 16KB) requires the use of utmost care in managing your property and handling funds.  Those violating the ethical code are subject to revocation of the designation that provides their livelihood.  This level of professionalism required of ARM® members is unequaled in the industry.

Remember: Experience, Education, Ethics and Lifelong Learning

Your ARM® has what it takes.

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