Cal West Real Estate

Cal West Real Estate handles leasing exclusively for those properties in the Sea Property Management Co. AMO® portfolio.

  • Market Survey
  • Marketing
  • Lease and Rental Rate Recommendations

Cal West Real Estate is a reputably owned and operated brokerage company that handles leasing, and sales for all income producing properties (small and large).  It works hand in hand with Sea Property Management Co. AMO® Some owners find it optimal when the Property Management team can work in conjunction with the Leasing efforts, because the team who is most intimate with the properties' greatest assets is also the team best able to meet a new tenants needs.

There are also benefits when there is a seamless transition from Lease execution to Lease commencement.  Including but not limited to Lease administration and Tenant Improvement coodination, timely Tenant Occupancy, communication and impeccable Customer Service.

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